A birthday bard -- of Shakespeare and Iron Maiden

Posted on April 25, 2014


Shakespeare was 450 this week! Verily I did a blog on Shakespeare places and festivals in the UK:

I have the BBC Julius Caesar to watch tomorrow, the Arden paperback of the play and tickets to see Antony and Cleopatra at The Globe 'this season' (yes, I am a bit of a toga geek).

I'm also a fan of one C Marlowe after reading Edward the Second at twenty and realising - disconcertedly - I was on the side of the king. Which of course was the skill of the writing rather than any latent monarchism in my part. Phew etc. A good piece here from the Guardian about what might have happened if Marlowe hadn't died 'cursing in a Deptford tavern'.

The Jew of Malta - and Macbeth - are on the to-read list for soonish.

Also this week, tickets were secured for the last run of We Will Rock You, the Queen musical and for Sonisphere, to see Iron Maiden’s last rendering of the old tunes. If they play Bohemian Rhapsody (former) and Fear of the Dark (latter), I might have be carried out unconscious with overload of squee...


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