An updatey 2015 update

Posted on February 12, 2015

 Moi in LegoOne can tell I was feeling uninspired over January, can’t one? But am inspired again halfway through February, with the second blog in two days. Yeeoooow etc. Keep ’er lit.

(Yesterday’s blog  is on Taste the Bright Light’s Lisa and her Buckfast-drinking haunts in Craigavon, aka the Bridge Inn; it and pics are here.)

Also. It’s hardly a revelation for anyone who’s been following my blog here (hi Mum), but most of them have not so neatly fallen into talking about books/writing or telly, with occasional forays into travel and – more of which soon – being a small hairy biker zipping around castles and the like on my motorbike.

More of the same, actually, and even like, categorised, for 2015. With occasional politics. Oh joy.


How did Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker got for his birthday?

He felt his presence.


Reading: An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by PD James. Lovely.

Just finished:

‘Did God tell you that, David?’ earnestly asks the grizzled ex-alcoholic writer in motorcycle chaps. Gah. Many lines in this book made my teeth itch.

Dug watching Iron Maiden

Watching: It’s trendy to moan about the telly being as poor as an Albert Square resident who doesn’t know what a benefits office is, but really, telly has been piss-poor since Christmas.

The only decent glimmer has been Sharon Horgan’s and Rob Delaney’s Catastrophe (Channel 4, Mondays 10pm, 40D here), a sort of love story that’s all cynical and sweary then surprises by being a bit catch-in-throat luvverly. I’ve yet to see a ‘get engaged with a ring just picked up from a drunken stranger’s puddle of piss’ scene done so tenderly. And I doubt I ever will again.

And blimey, Eastenders is on. Blog on the interminable Who Killed Lucy? storyline coming next week. Oh joy. 


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