Antonia Forest fanfiction: a reader's guide

Posted on February 13, 2015

I won’t say too much about Antonia Forest here, as that’s a whole ’nother blog. But I’ve mentioned her on Twitter a few times, in response to questions about best books, most reread books, underestimated books, comfort books…

This week, I tweeted I’d found a new Antonia Forest fanfic. And a reply, by @PP_Rubens, asked ‘Why is there not a Readers Guide to AF fanfic somewhere?’

Why not indeed, I thought, and thus. I’m a fanfic fan in general, but the fanfic from Antonia Forest fans is, not to sound too much like Unity Logan, rather exceptional. Thanks to all who’ve taken the time to write fics; for those who like to read it, here’s where to find it.

To start off, all 95+ Archive of our Own Antonia Forest works are here, and the Trennels fanfiction link is here. I’ve gone through both and put stories into categories, as below.

Some of these will cross over with others, for example some of the fics posted on Archive of Our Own have also been posted on Trennels as Yuletide challenges, and some will cross genres, for example Future lives and Short fic.

Where a fic might fit in a couple of categories, I've used the word length to make the final decision: e.g., Esther's Term and New Term (as full-length works) are included here in 'Straightforward and Spin-offs' rather than in 'Supporting Characters' (as the latter might indicate a shorter piece to those looking for novels or novellas). 

Antonia Forest End of TermI’ve categorised as many fics as possible, including some of the very short fics, which are also included in their original thread under 'Drabbles and Yuletide fic' below. I’ve linked separately where poss, including the short and Drabble stories, apart from where the original LiveJournal account was deleted.

I’ve also included word counts; omitted when not available.

[**NEW**March 2015: ETA! Can't believe I forgot the LOLCATs. Probably not fanfic in the strictest sense, but included for weep-inducing hilarity. 

Autumn Term, The Marlows and the Traitor, The Ready-Made Family and Attic Term here. Falconer's Lure, End of Term, Peter's Room and The Cricket Term here. Lol.

Also ETA March 2015: I'll update with new fics when I see them; they're below with a double asterisk, date and 'NEW' Please do drop me a line in the comments or at laura at lauracanning dot net if you have a fic I've missed or have written one you'd like added here. Ta.

ALSO ETA April 2015: I've decided to italicise titles that are novel or novella length, for the ease of those looking for longer fics.]

Drabbles, Yuletide and short fic

(I've defined 'short fic' as under a few hundred or so words; other short pieces of 250(ish) words or more are under the relevant categories below. Some short pieces, such as 'Exhausted Soil' below (315 words), have been categorised elsewhere when another category seems more relevant, in this case Crossovers.)

Drabbles 2006

Drabbles 2008

Where Giles was going in Port Wade (250 words).

Home is the Sailor (100 words): Peter and Fob.

Entente Cordiale and All-Night Sitting (100 and 464 words): Claudie in pillow talk, twice.

Mythopoeia (94 words): The Dodd children read a certain book.

**NEW** September 2015: The Concert Party (109 words): Fob, Edwin and Karen discuss the village concert.

Straightforward and spin-offs

Against the Clock (14099 words) and The Importance of Elsewhere, novellas following Ginty’s fantasy in Attic Term to run away and be a ‘stable girl’ in Ireland.

Term of Duty (30277 words): Nicola and Lawrie in the Sixth.

Antonia Forest The Cricket TermNetball and Cricket: extra scene from Term of Duty.

Appointments and Disappointments (3321 words): “I expect it’ll be Pippin. You’d like to be head girl, wouldn’t you, Pippin?” / “Yes, I would,” said Pomona stolidly. “And when I am you’ll have to call me Pomona always.”

Last Term (500 words): Miranda and Pippin after Lawrie and Tim’s final Kingscote play.

In Her Element (1572 words): Ann starts in the Upper Sixth.

Spring Term [link to novel for sale]: full-length novel by Sally Hayward, published by Girls Gone By.

A Flutter in the Dovecote (323 words): Patrick and Jukie, The Thuggery Affair.

[untitled]: the train on End of Term, from Esther’s point of view.

Shattering Thoughts (6126 words): seven perspectives of The Tempest from The Cricket Term.

Sugar (9915 words): The Marlows’ and Merricks' eighteenth century past.

**NEW** March 2015: Esther's Term: full-length novel from Esther's POV. With thanks to the author for help in archiving this and New Term, below.

**NEW** March 2015: New Term: full-length novel on Rowan in IIIA; how the Rowan and Lois feud started.

**NEW** March 2015: A Book Once Begun (500 words): Nicola starts a new book and isn't sure she likes it.

**NEW** August 2015Re-enactment Types (2775 words): Nicola borrows Lawrie's new camera - with frightening results.

**NEW** August 2015: Pesach (3062 words): Miranda's Passover.

Missing scenes

One Woman’s Disaster (400 words): Miranda’s thoughts on giving Nicola the ‘coughing bear’ dress.

Nicola and Lawrie Divided (2947 words): Nicola in IIIA, while Lawrie recovers at Trennels from the broken leg sustained in The Marlows and the Traitor.

Antonia Forest The Attic TermRowan’s Winter (7959 words): Rowan at Trennels following Run Away Home.

Nelson’s Thread (3494 words): on the type of simpering child making guiles at the grownups that Tim is scathing about in Autumn Term.

Bravely, My Diligence (3665 words): on The Cricket Term.

**NEW** March 2015: Holiday Snaps: a novella from the perspectives of various Marlows. Continuing on from Esther's Term, by the same author. 

**NEW** August 2015: An Unstrange Shape (1477 words): Miss Cromwell and Nicola's conversation at the end of The Cricket Term.

Future lives

The Voyage (full-length novel): Nicola sailing round the world single-handed as per her stated ambition in The Cricket Term; also Nicola/Patrick.

Homecoming (4575 words): Nicola at The Shop.

Links to the Past (2131 words): Miranda and Jan meet after Kingscote.

Partnership (1082 words): Nicola and Patrick reminisce.

Auld Lang Syne (1438 words): A future Twelfth Night party at the Merricks'.

End of Summer (1820 words): ‘Nicola and Patrick spend a quiet afternoon at the end of summer.’

...or What You Will (2739 words): Another future Twelfth Night party, from Ginty’s POV.

False Advertising: ‘Some sort of comeuppance for Tim.’

Lawrie’s Wedding (1836 words).

**NEW** March 2015The Prosser: Short fics about former holders of the Alice Prosser Scholarship, including a separate, longer one here.

**NEW** March 2015Firechick: A supporting character from The Thuggery Affair in later life. 

**NEW** August 2015Kingscote Old Girls' Association Magazine (650 words): Future lives of Kingscote characters.

**NEW** August 2015: Playing for a Draw (3770 words): Miss Lambert meets Lois Sanger.

**NEW** August 2015: Mrs Patrick (1345 words): 'A short and not necessarily happy take on Nicola and Patrick's married life.' 

**NEW** August 2015: An Enormous Surprise to Everyone (1224 words): Fob and a word with Rose. 

**NEW** August 2015: Changes (4637 words): Introducing Phil, Jan's 'hairy monster' 'pop band' brother.

**NEW** September 2015Le garçon aux yeux d'or (1100 words): Ginty has an unexpected encounter in Paris.

Future lives - femslash and slash

Antonia Forest Peter's Room

Milan, Con Amore (2279 words): Miranda and Jan meet again.

Links to the Past (2131 words): Miranda and Jan.

Sales: Miranda and Jan.

God send euery gentleman (5966 words): Patrick meets Giles, more than once. 

Revelations: On Giles’s boyfriend.

**NEW** August 2015A Fresh Coat Of Paint (2042 words): Esther meets Rowan.


(Particularly Dorothy L Sayers and Lord Peter Wimsey, Mary Renault and The Charioteer, Josephine Tey, the Chalet School stories and Enid Blyton’s Famous Five.)

Dangers Untold, Hardships Unnumbered (29153 words): Lawrie summons the Goblin King in a crossover with the film Labyrinth.

A Wand with Sixteen Strings: Full-length Harry Potter crossover featuring the Marlow twins at Hogwarts. 'We've simply got to be credits to the family. You can't imagine what they'd say if we ended up in Hufflepuff...'

Home From Sea: another Marlow/Potterverse fic from the author of A Wand with Sixteen Strings.

Change Partners and Dance: Nicola and Lawrie at the Hogwarts Yule Ball. '... set in the same universe as A Wand With Sixteen Strings and Home From Sea, though if you haven't read those all you really need to know is that the Marlows are at Hogwarts, Nicola and Lawrie are in Harry's year, and Patrick is a centaur called Patroklos who is living in the Forbidden Forest.'

That Still Centre (2954 words): Jan Scott and Peter Wimsey.

Lois Sanger Disposes (4432 words): following Lois at a College of Physical Training after leaving Kingscote. Crossover with Josephine Tey’s Miss Pym Disposes.

Giles Marlow’s One and Only (14254 words): if Giles were to marry a Chalet School girl, who would it be?

Five Have Fun with the Marlows: a novel by the author of Esther's Term and New Term in which George Kirrin and Nicola Marlow meet. 

The Marlows at St Mildred’s (19630 words): Nicola and Lawrie at the Chalet School. 

Vormarlow's Honour (20151 words): ‘…what might have happened if the Marlows had been born in Lois McMaster Bujold's Nexus.’

Matthew Shardlake’s Black Journal (1610 words): crossover with CJ Sansom’s Matthew Shardlake series.

Antonia Forest The Ready Made Family

Now and Then: Ginty considers Trebizon.

Without Reservation (2064 words): Dr Herrick; crossover with David Blaize by EF Benson.

Consistently Homesick (27962 words): the Marlow world crossed with Mary Renault’s The Charioteer.

To Strive, To Seek (4128 words): the Marlows and The Charioteer.

A Little Radio (3209 words): the Marlows and The Charioteer.

The Parting Glass (6882 words): The Marlows and The Charioteer, two Irish Bloody Sundays and a trip to Dublin.

L'allegro (4191 words): The Marlows, The Charioteer and Return to Night.

**NEW** March 2015Exhausted Soil (315 words): The Marlows and Return to Night.

**NEW** September 2015 (written April 2004): The Chalet School and the Marlows: an incomplete novel published on The CBB.

‘Supporting characters’

The Kingscote Term (3435 words): End of Term from Miss Hellier’s point of view.

Going Back (1564 words): Esther dreads returning to school after the events of Attic Term.

The Next Christmas (4499 words): Ann and Patrick talk.

The Interior Life of Meg Hopkins (2056 words): about being a child who doesn’t fit in around the likes of the popular Marlows and caustic Tim.

Super New Insights (963 words): ‘How Claudie came to be a "sort-of au pair" for the Merricks.’

All-Night Sitting (464 words): Another piece on Claudie in pillow talk.

**NEW** August 2015: Mrs Herbert Remembers (6303 words): The Trennels cook looks back.

Alternative universe/AU and gloriously bonkers

Five Things That Never Happened to Ann Marlow.

Antonia Forest, Run Away Home

P. Todd, Destroyer of Worlds (1031 words): two spies meet in a Soho café.

Ida Cross.

The Amateurs (700 words): not strictly AU, but included here for the delicious and most un-Ironsides idea of Miss Cromwell discovering fan fiction.

Nicolantha, the Witch (360 words): Nicola’s seventh child of a seventh child.

In tail male (750 words): The Marlows do genderswap.

**NEW** March 2015Timeslip, Gymslip (378 words): Miss Keith stuck in 1948.

Missing scenes, part II

I’ve been unable to find these stupendous fics I remember; would be Most Grateful if anyone knows where they can be found. 

Esther’s Term and New Term, two full-length novels on Esther and on Rowan and Lois. (Update March 2015: found! Added above, under 'Straightforward and spin-offs'.)

Miranda, Jan and Alicia: shamefully, I can’t remember the name of this excellent long novel-length fic, probably one of the first Antonia Forest fanfics I read. Jan is a vet and in a relationship with her partner Alicia, but the Ghost of Miranda hovers over all. 

**NEW** March 2015: Pomona Todd, Vampire Slayer [now in comments.]

The short short where Nicola and Miranda kiss on the roof during The Tradition. 'Oke?' 'Oke.'

Comment by ELIZABETH on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2015...
Thank you! Lots of hours of reading ahead for me. I have read very few of these although I lovingly remember a drabble about Lawrie at a party with Tim...
A friend of mine's fanfics, Esther's Term and the one on Miranda and Jan, were really superlative. I have Esther's Term in the form of Word files and I could share it with you privately but I can't post it without her permission. I could also ask her about the Jan/Miranda story. She wrote a much different, non-fan-fic book based very loosely on that story when we were in a writing group together. She's a wonderful writer.
Comment by LAURA on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2015...
Thanks Elizabeth! I'm still generally in awe at how much first-class fanfic there is on Antonia Forest. Thank you for letting me know about Esther's Term and the fic on Miranda and Jan. Someone on the Trennels thread has let me know where to get Esther's Term, so I'll post it here soon. She is indeed a wonderful writer - I fondly remember those two fics.
Comment by DAVID ROE - PP ANKARET on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2015...
"Well, that was why I volunteered for Tidiness," explained Pomona sedately, taking a crisp bite of her apple. "I mean, I'm responsible for all that dust."

"And for there being a stake missing from the Gardening Shed," prompted Esther, looking awed, even though the gardener was on the whole less of a terror to her than to other people.

"What else was she going to do, chop a leg off one of the desks and hope Latimer just assumed it fell off like something out of Cold Comfort Farm?" asked Tim, showing off slightly; and also noticing that Nicola was of the party and not at all averse to introducing the subject of Pomona and desks. Nicola gave her a long steady look over the brim of her milk. Tim grinned.

"I can't see even the Latimer not noticing that," said Lawrie obliviously.

"She didn't notice about Berenice for a week and a half," said Miranda darkly. "Glandular fever indeed. I'm even more surprised Fergus didn't tell her to scrape her makeup off when she showed up again with all those horrible people from Colebridge."

Tim collected her own apple core and Lawries and dropped them tidily in the wire bin. "My contribution to the Tidiness Project," she said with an elaborate bow in the direction of Pomona. "I'll tell you what I can't believe, and that's that Meg Hopkins knew and didn't tell anyone. Dim wet drip."

Esther was heard to venture that she thought it was all quite loyal, p'raps, an opinion which was heard in the silence it deserved, Esther being known to take discouragement much more to heart than other people.

Finally Nicola, who had been finishing her milk with a far-away look in her eye, spoke. "I know one thing," she said firmly. "If you do have all this super speed and strength and accuracy stuff, Pippin, it'll come in very handy for this year's cricket."
Comment by DAVID ROE on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2015...
The above is the full "Pomona Todd Vampire Slayer" as downloaded by me from Ankaret's livejournal (I think) in 2009. I hope I'm not breaching any protocols by posting it as a comment, but I couldn't see if there's a PM function.
Comment by LAURA on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2015...
Thank you so much. I love that fic. It's Nicola's very Nicola line at the end that tops it.
Comment by ELIZABETH on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2015...
Love Pomona Todd, Vampire Slayer — so perfectly AF. How I love her use of adverbs. Nowadays in YA fiction they are strictly forbidden and it is maddening. You capture that style characteristic... splendidly.
Comment by ANONYMOUS on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2015...
Note that the categorized list here doesn't contain everything on the AO3 link — is it supposed to? And the Pomona Todd story *is* on AO3 already.
Thanks. Do feel free to send links if you think I've missed anything.
Comment by PRISCIPIXIE on SATURDAY, JANUARY 23, 2016...
How about the absolutely fabulous From the Ashes, which is not just a Marlows/Potterverse crossover, but a novella-length Ann/Draco fic drawing much inspiration from Georgette Heyer? It's over here:
Comment by LAURA CANNING on MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 2016...
Thank you, priscipixie! I'll have a look and add that later (after work, or I'll be reading fanfic all day...). Thanks again.

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