EastEnders Who Killed Lucy? Live week review -- episode 2

Posted on February 18, 2015


Who killed Lucy Beale?Episode I review here

Spoilers below, obv.

THEY’RE DOING IT AGAIN. Suspense is fine. Suspense is good. Taking the Mick Carter is not.

Tomatohead (Fill Mitchell) cornered Ian just before the wedding vows to growl at him ’e ’ad summat to say. Abaht Lucy, Ian, and doubtless millions of viewers thought, as this is after all Who Killed Lucy week.

But no. What Tomatohead had to say was left unsaid after son Ben came into the room – even though Fill and Ian had taken three scenes to have the unsaid unsaid. Grr. No need. (Yes, yes, I’m not actually obligated by law to watch EastEnders. But I’ve hung on so long now I’m going to bloody well see it through. Grr.)

Another few EastEndersisms from Episode II:

       Ian Beale doing the simperOther bits:

And on to Episode III. Revenge of the Sith, sorry, the Big Reveal. EastEnders, ten years’ worth of viewing could be over tomorrow…

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