Inishmore and teeny tiny hobbit houses

Posted on July 25, 2014

Well. Ireland was rather… Irish.

The beach at Inishmore

By which I mean things got hazy in both Belfast (mainly Voodoo and Katy Daly’s) and Galway’s Quay Street (mainly among a mishmash of bars and many fellow similarly toasted travellers).

In between all this, the lesser half and I went to Giant’s Causeway (partners meeting parents for the first time is always hilarious fun), to Midsummer: A play with songs (chucklesomely good) as part of the Galway International Arts Festival and to Inis Mór/Inishmore, the biggest of the Aran Islands and rather larger than I’d expected after a few months on teeny and tremendous Rathlin Island.

Inishmore was interesting – and I got to walk on sand for the first time since last August in Cornwall – but the careful placement on a rock of a cross-legged urchin playing the tin whistle on the way to the ancient fort of Dún Aonghasa felt like yet another way to take the hand out of the tourists, and the tour drivers there when the ferry disembarks at the island were a little aggressively salesy for meek little me.Situation normal on Inishmore

Still, Dún Aonghasa was ruddy brilliant, especially lying stomach down on the edge of the cliff like a Blyton character (I’m thinking Lucy-Ann in the Adventure series before she becomes characteristically wimpy and clings to brother Jack like a Freudian limpet). Some pics on the official site are here and a YouTube vid of the cliff face here.

Writingwise, I had a look at 27 summer and autumn UK walking festivals, and it’s also time to carve out a hole in a hillside somewhere and build my own tiny house, as inspired by these geniuses. Cruel types do infer that I look like a hobbit anyway (small stature and hairy feet). Hmph. 


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