Of more summer and book festivals for kids

Posted on April 7, 2014

Ooh. It’s been an excitedly up and down week for a small Irish writer, who is still wondering why people won't pay me to read Dickens under a duvet?); is struggling valiantly on (cheques, praise and general encouragement via PayPal please); and is quite chuffed at buying an entire summer wardrobe at Primark for £40 – even if it’s a size bigger than last year (pfffft – they were all happy and memorable dinners).

I’ve been writing this week about literary festivals for kids - if you don't yet have a storyteller in the family, cultivate one sharpish, as their tales of boy wizards or implausible love affairs between elusive vampires and colourless teenage girls could be the very thing that makes them, and by extension you. extremely rich. So take them to the Manchester Children's Book Festival, The Spark and the other best summer book festivals for creative kids; you'll thank me for it later (mine's a Smithwicks).

Live long and prosper...





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