Spanish cuisine, Italian food and a barge on the river

Posted on August 17, 2015

Good morning London - a view from a boatI have moved! I now have a barge of my very own, in a very peaceful/quiet spot (take that, insomnia, and feck away off FOREVER), and a roof deck where for most of the past two months I have been basking in the sun and avoiding work.

(Alas, the last part of that sentence isn't true: until I get the Mammoth Book Deal and buy my own boat/Cornish cottage, rent must still be paid. *shakes fist* But I am writing this on a boat deck overlooking the Thames *cheers*)

I've been sampling European cuisine at impressive levels for my travel blogs: Mucho muncho: a guide to Spanish food is here; and A pizza the action: a guide to Italian cuisine is here. Puns galore, natch. What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta. 

Loads more has been going on, in the form of learning boat maintenance, motorbike bits, seeing the Quireboys at the Ramblin' Man Fair (huzzah!), but all these things must be told of later. For I am off to lie on the roof of a boat.


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