Taste the Bright Lights 2 is finished!

Posted on July 14, 2014

As it says on the tin. I've just typed ****ENDS**** on the mss of Taste the Bright Lights 2, aka Maybe Thursday You Can Sleep. I may have had a little sniffle imagining Lisa in the final scene, but that could also be because there is no more World Cup.

I'm aiming to have Maybe Thursday You Can Sleep out in early 2015 unless I can manage it for the Christmas book sales. It's a chirpy little number, just right for the festive season. (A festive season like Eastenders, admittedly.)

As I'm feeling celebratory (and now supping a cider), Taste the Bright Lights is available here for a mere 99p for the next week. Huzzah!

Also this week, I've written about family bike rides in the UK as piggybacked on Le Tour, read a Nancy Mitford for the first time, bought Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch, went to Sonisphere to see Iron Maiden and Sebastian Bach (Fear of the Dark AND 18 and Life live in one day!) and...drum roll...BOUGHT A MOTORBIKE. My UK travel blog, small hairy biker, coming soon.

This Friday! Back to Ireland for the first time in fifteen months, for a weekend in Belfast and then the week at the Galway International Arts Festival. Find me on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 July at the corner of the bar in Belfast's Katy Daly's.


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