Taste the Bright Lights only £4000!

Posted on September 12, 2014

Taste the Bright Lights at £4000It's quite heartwarming as a broke writer (apparently our average wage these days is a Tesco Value 11 grand) to see that someone at last recognises one's brilliance.

I last saw my novel Taste the Bright Lights at an inflated price on Amazon for £50 about a year ago, but realised after a first flush of OH OG FAME AND ££££££ AT LAST that someone, somehow, somewhere, had just randomly put in an optimisitcally overestimated price for a book they didn't know but somehow thought they might cash in on. Holy logical, Batman.

HOWEVER. Taste the Bright Lights is now being flogged for four grand (and change; I do want the change) on Amazon. In this case, clearly my genius has been recognised for its true value: thank you, strange Amazon bookseller! Thus, in the same spirit, I am offering (for ONE! WEEK! ONLY!) used (only) copies of Taste the Bright Lights for £3750:

1 x ketchup-stained on p154, May 2013

1 x tea-stained, p15, November 2013

1 x match-stained on cover when book used as rolling surface, plus ash inside, March 2014

(All copies signed. P+P not included. Other tea, ketchup and match stains possible. Conditions apply.)



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